About Me

Hello, nice to meet you. It must be your lucky day today!

I was born in '86, where there were no iPhones or tablets. I didn't even have my own computer but I had pens, crayons, paper and creativity. I remember drawing Disney characters, animes like Sailormoon or Dragon Ball and filled my room with sketches. Art subject was my favourite and I used to join poster contests in school. As technology progressed, I learned how to use the computer, cell phone and digital camera. However, it was the love of photography that introduced me to Adobe Photoshop and digital arts.

I recently graduated Diploma of Interactive Digital Multimedia at Southbank Tafe. Hooray! With an outstanding result I'm now equipped with a suffcient amount of skills. My best asset is in graphics design and photography but I also have a flare for web design, web developing, Flash animation, photo and video editing.

Apart from the multimedia skills, I am also highly effecient in the office. I am a quick learner and reliable person. I am professional but not frigid. I don't speak jargon, but I can speak English, Japanese, Visaya and Filipino language. I also love my husband, animals, fashion, travel and cooking. I may not be your typical geek but I’m proud to say that I have total package you are looking for.

:) Richelle